What Laura Needs - A First Aid Box

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I know this may sound odd but I have to have a first aid box. With two under five's running around the house, curved stairs which can be a nightmare when you're a little bit drunk out of sorts and you're someone who is not very handy with kitchen appliances (bloody onions, anyone?) it is something that is essential. I bought the box from a charity shop a few years ago because I was in need of something to fit on top of my kitchen cupboards but I made up the contents myself and have another box not pictured full of medications. I'm going to tell you what's in mine in case you're interested in making up one of your own.

Plasters of all kinds (fabric, waterproof, floral print and all in different sizes)
Scissors to cut bandages and plasters to size
Two thermometers - a digital and a mercury
Steristrips to hold wounds together
Rubbing alcohol to sterilise wounds
Vicks vapour rub - a God send when a cold is about
Olbas oil and tissues
Renee indigestion tablets
Gauze pads
Stretchy bandages with safety pins
A whole host of pain medication from Paracetamol to Tramadol
Calpol and children's Neurofen medicine
A sewing needle and thread - just in case.
A piece of card with doctor's names, numbers, NHS direct's number etc

I picked up all of these bits as I went along and now have a stash to last me through any emergency be it a scraped knee or a nice deep cut courtesy of my cooking failures. I keep the numbers in the box and on our kitchen board (command central as it is known here) in case there's something we can't handle. I made mine myself for a relatively low cost but you can choose to make your own in prettier packaging like a make up bag or you could just go out and buy some of the excellently priced boxes out there like these from Viking and add your own medications. But really, safety first.

I added the coffee because there's nothing coffee can't make just a little bit better.


  1. I always keep a first aid bundle - with M playing wheelchair sports there's always a blister or dislocated finger so mines filled with plasters, bandages and various ointments! x

    Tilly, www.lovetilly.com x

  2. That's a great idea, I should definitely get one too. At the moment I feel proud when I can find a plaster somewhere underneath all the other stuff in my bedside locker draws haha. The only thing I'd add maybe is a spray for burns? I burn myself on the reg whilst cooking and it makes such a difference if you put something on straight away (I'm not sure I'd still touch food with medicine on my hand, but still if you burn yourself badly, I think that's more important than the food preparation).
    So I'd add aloe vera cream and/or Ypsilin, something my nan always uses and that's absolutely amazing, but I'm not actually sure you can get it in the UK...

  3. This has just totally reminded me that I NEED to put together a first aid box. Since I moved out of home I have bought a box of 100 paracetamol and a box of 100 nitrogen and that is literally the extent of my first aid. Which is really bad because I am constantly falling over, bumping into things and cutting myself. A few weeks ago I took a chunk out of my finger cutting an orange (citrus acid - ouch!) and had to just wrap it in a tissue and sticky tape the tissue around my finger until the bleeding stopped. Then it turns out I don't own regular sticky tape, so I had to use washi tape instead! At least the pretty tape cheered me up a little! Xx

  4. I have first aid boxes dotted about all over the shop! I have one in the house, one in the car and one in the shed at our allotment. The only thing I have in mine is Waspeze, such a blessing during summer when the pesky wasps are out...

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  5. You are so much more organised than me! I mean, I haven't got kids but I'm seriously accident prone... and my first aid kit currently extends only as far as a box of paracetamol and ibuprofen... oops. This is a great idea! xx

  6. Exactly the same, I have an enormous first aid box and I don't even have kids, haha. What on earth is the needle and thread for though, please tell me you don't ever try and stitch anyone up yourself!?