52 Lists // List the things that make you feel healthy

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Eating a breakfast full of brightly coloured fruit
Brisk walks
Alone time for at least an hour of every day to think
Writing productive lists
Being organised
Deep breathing exercises
Forming and nurturing friendships and family relationships
Reading to my daughters
Getting up early
A hot, relaxing bubble bath
Accepting and seeking advice from others
Helping others to achieve their goals
Dancing in my living room in my pyjamas
Taking an incredible amount of photos to collect memories
Getting a really good night's sleep
Shopping in charity shops
Volunteer work
Sewing and crafting in general
Having a perfectly clean and organised space

Organised files on my laptop
Singing when I'm alone in the house
Spending the time to talk to friends about their lives
Giving presents and cards for no reason at all
Deep tissue massages
A day without painkillers of any kind
Yoga in the mornings
Being extremely productive
Writing down all of my thoughts before I go to sleep
Knowing when to wind down and relax
Loving and being loved openly
Not being afraid of who I am and all that that entails
Embracing other people for who they are
Snuggles with psycho pup
Sleeping in late at weekends and being brought coffee
A good stretch several times a day
Working hard
Not putting too much pressure on myself to be the best
Getting sunshine


  1. I LOVE giving people presents so much! It really does make you feel brilliant! I also love all your lists, they are awesome and I can always relate :) xx

  2. Dancing in my living room in my pyjamas! I miss being able to do that so much x