Bank Holiday Fun

Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank holidays have been less fun every year since the girls were born. That sounds mean but it's true. There are no more lengthy walks finished off with a few too many beers in a sunny beer garden unless we want to pay £40 for a babysitter. Taking them with us usually results in tears, tantrums and "But I really don't want to" outbursts at least once an hour. I love doing the things we do together such as beach trips, picnics, park days out and arts and crafts featuring a hefty piece of coloured chalk on a pavement but I am really missing the adult bank holidays of summer's past.

So instead of having a lovely family day out today we attempted to go out which failed within ten minutes as we had such a huge hissy fit from Amelia for not wanting to walk or go in the pushchair that we turned around and came home. Since then we've been playing with balls and chalk in the garden where tantrums are a) easier to handle and b) not dangerous as they're not next to a main road. My body is in revolt again as last night my leg gave way on the way down the toilet and I smashed my head into the banister. Since then it's a rollercoaster of pain and manageable pain.

Layla and I took a walk down to Tesco to buy some fruit and veg on vouchers we received and found that we had no bags and no money for bags. After braving the in-law's who hate me to ask to borrow a few of their nice sturdy bags for an hour we headed down to realise at the checkout the fruit and veg had gone over budget and I had no money to pay the extra. Cue embarrassment while handing back a pack of avocados. I really wanted those avocados too.

But the sun is shining, it's that beautiful mix of mild wind and blue skies and I have a huge bubble and squeak on the go as a Monday dinner (we never have money for a Sunday dinner so it's always a Monday one here) and I've been promised a make up massage since boyfriend has been in a foul mood with me all day. Bank holiday's may be the one day we get an extra day off work but when you don't have a job they're just like any other day only with more shops with their shutters down and masses more people in the pub.


  1. Mhmm my response to how are you spending your bank holiday? Is

    'The fiance is still at work, I'm still exhausted and ow, my son is still, loud and tantrumy... any other day really'

    We've done nothing different today. Not even gone out as the walk around the block gets a bit tiresome and we can't go out in the back garden until after my mum takes stuff to the tip and we clear it of cat poo. The boy doesn't deserve anything special anyway, attitude of the century since first thing lol.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm in some bad pain times, too, plus a weird spate of general 'ik' (I'm rethinking whether or not I get flares, may have to document to see properly ) - Rambling again, hope the rest of the day is better

  2. I've sat in the sofa in my jammies all day, so your not missing anything really. Your probably having more fun with the little ones in fact!
    Hope you leg and head are better quickly!

  3. We made the most of the holiday just because the way M's shifts had fallen, it meant that he had the day off too. We didn't do anything super spectacular though.

    I'm sorry your day went so badly, I wish I could help. :(. x