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Sunday, 5 May 2013

I am not the most qualified person to be talking about this and so today I have struggled. I don't think I am healthy nor am I fit so to tell you that would be a huge lie but I do have healthy habits and I do exercise so I'm going to tell you about the things I do to lose weight consistently and feel better about myself.

I drink a lot of water.
I don't like tap water as it doesn't taste 'right' to me but I drink a lot of mineral water and tap water with no added sugar squash. I know that the squash has a lot of natural sugars and additives but it's a small price to pay to up the water intake with minimal calories. I do drink fruit juices, fizzy drinks and coffee too but lately it's been all about filling up a two litre bottle and getting through it as an aim for the day.

I love my vegetables.
I'll eat fruit and vegetables until the cows come home but sadly I also love my cow and carbs. I try to get in lots of vegetables into meals either fresh or frozen to bulk up meals and feed my body healthier choices.

I limit carbs to one meal a day.
I'm a huge fan of bread and pasta but if I eat too much of it I become bloated and seem to gain weight. If I limit carbs to one meal a day I feel better for it and my scales thank me.

I walk as much as I can.
Instead of taking a bus or a taxi, if my body is good for it and it's within a 40 minute walk, I'll walk. The problem I have with walking is that obviously the next day my body revolts against it but it makes me feel good, works my muscles and gets my heart rate up which is always a good thing in my book.

I try to get a lot of sleep.
Being constantly between complete exhaustion and insomnia, this is quite difficult to do but I have a bed time wind down plan and I do mostly stick to it. My body feels better when I've had enough sleep the benefits are well documented. I'm not a woman who can cope on four hours of sleep anymore so I need at least seven hours to feel human most days.

I love to stretch.
In the mornings I have a good, long stretch and click of all my joints. Throughout the day if I feel stiff I'll have a good long stretch and click of my body and while the grinding and pain often puts me off the way I feel after makes up for it. I love to do yoga too although I'm not very good at it.

The gym is my best friend and my worst enemy.
I try to go two or three times a week but the last month or two it's been once a week or even none due to pain. While I love a good 45 minute workout on the cross trainer followed by some weights, it's not in the realm of possibility as a long-term plan. I wish it was because the natural high I get from a brilliant work out makes it all worthwhile and this is the reason I have turned to workout DVD's and yoga that I can do at home. I get exercise in every day even if it's just a walk but these really help break up the monotony.

Looking good makes me want to look better.
This is my main motivation. When I eat well and drink a lot of water my bloating is significantly reduced, my eyes look brighter and my skin tone looks more even so it really spurs me on to do it more. I like feeling well but I really love seeing the benefits of ignoring cravings. It makes it worth it.

So while I am on my journey to long-term sustainable health I am not there quite yet so please link me to any blog posts you've written about this subject today in the comments or on Twitter as I'd love to adopt more healthy living into my rather drab lifestyle.


  1. It's those sustainable things that work, though. It takes longer but is more likely to stick that anything else.

    My mum's doing the 5:2 diet where you have 5 normal days and 2 with just 500calories. It doesn't work for everyone (I suspect because they're not careful enough on their 5 days) but because your general lifestyle is trying to be healthy then maybe it'd work for you?

    You talk about pains and about being between exhaustion and insomnia - is this for any particular reason? (Tell me to shove off if I'm being rude)

  2. Water is brilliant. I love that image as well!

    ellie | mantrapixie | x

  3. I love your take on this post!
    And i do admit i need more sleep.. At night, instead of during the day and spending nights watching crap.

    BreezeyBee Blog

  4. Great post, all the essential thing for good health, sleep, water and regular exercise. Don't worry if you not making it to the gum, you just be walking gorgeous Sadie, is that right name? That's great exercise. Have you tried jogging with Seb is great jogging with me, as long a a girly dog doesn't cross out path! Typical boy always chasing tail! Lol