Five Things

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Inspired by a few blogs out there and taking the name of the series from my friend Erica, I give you five things I've been loving this week.

Blog posts
I love this post by Sunae just because I really want to live near mountains with waterfalls and take pictures inside of trees and oh God, whisk me away to Australia please! Obviously keep me away from giant mutant arachnids and anything that wants to kill me though.

After the tragic events in London this week where a soldier was mutilated and beheaded in broad daylight, I am so glad that the people I know have seen this for what it was - a tragedy. I have seen far too many acquaintances of mine that I thought were great people who have expressed some vile views this week on religion, culture and race. I won't go into my personal beliefs in too much detail as I have already expressed my opinion quite a lot on other social media platforms and while these acquaintances have swiftly been demoted to 'not on my news feed' I want to shake off the anger I feel at them and extend to you my appreciation for the acceptance of so many people I know and love. I am so glad that people do have balanced views and opinions based on fact rather than ignorance and prejudice. This is not an entitlement to an opinion debate as everyone is entitled to an opinion, opposing or not but this has really opened my eyes.

I made this pan eared honey glazed salmon with browned butter lime sauce the other night and it was delicious. I overcooked it a tiny bit so the next time I'll have to adjust my times but all the same it was beautiful and everyone who's a fan of salmon should try it with a few new potatoes and salad. Delicious!

Doctor Who
I know this was last week technically but seriously, John Hurt. My mind is whirring with why's and how's and while I do have my theories that quite a few people share, we all just know Moffat will make us cry. However the 50th Anniversary special airs on my 25th birthday so I'll have something else to cry about. The tears will just merge into one. Let there be cake!

My new job
You're all going to be sick and tired of hearing about it but I am so thoroughly thrilled it's hard not to bring it up here and a few of you have mentioned how you want to see some work outfit posts and posts on how I cope, childcare, the logistics etc so those posts will definitely come if you'd still like to read them in the future. It's crazy as I haven't been employed in almost two years and even then it was a bar staff job. An actual job where I have deadlines to meet and reasons to buy more black dresses? Total win.


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    congrats on the jobbbb lady!

  2. Aww you little cutie, you! Featuring little old me! Seriously though, come to Australia and see the pretty waterfalls! Promise I'll be your personal anti-arachnid bodyguard xx