Making A House A Home

Friday, 31 May 2013

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After two years of living in my house I am finally ready to make a house a home. With it being privately rented we weren't sure whether we would stay long-term although we really hoped we would but now we're sure of it. Until we buy we don't want to move into another house and we won't be buying for a long time due to a serious lack of savings and a terrible credit rating. Good news for my landlord as he has stable tenants and a stable income from his house and good news for us because the girls are settled and it's so close to everything for us. We have started to make a few improvements like the garden and the kitchen but it's nowhere near my 'home' standard. Blame it on a severe lack of money for years so we've had to make do and buy second hand or blame it on the fact that I have no real eye for interior design but whoever or whatever is to blame, it needs a revamp.

While I'm still not rich enough to buy the long lusted after Pistachio Kitchen Aid mixer, it's here because I want one. I'm in love with the aesthetics as well as the power of the machine so a knock off could do to sit pretty. Everything else is pretty low-cost though with the most expensive thing coming in at £160 (the rug). I feel like the house needs more colour as everything is varying degrees of neutral so a pop of colour in a rug or a side table would do just fine in the kitchen to jazz it up a little. Everything apart from the Kitchen Aid is from Ikea so I think I need a big haul including meatballs and a slice of Daim cheesecake the next time I head there. I love Ikea pieces mixed with thrifted and re-upholstered or painted finds from the charity shops.

Now I know it's not on here but can you recommend a place where I can get cheap large throws to cover a three seater sofa and a two seater? I seem to only be able to find 150cm x 180cm throws and I'd need three to cover the three seater which I'd really rather not have to bother with if I didn't have to. My other option is to take my measurements to a fabric shop and just hem some weighty easily washable fabric but that seems like a whole lot of hassle when I can just order a few throws. So tell me, throw emporiums? Do they exist and if they do where can I get my grubby mitts on some?


  1. I'm loving the pops of yellow!
    My boyfriend has just bought his first house and we're in the process of decorating the whole place. Making a house a home is such a lovely thing to do and to take your time over.

    I hope you find your throw!

  2. Love all the pieces you have picked out! I'm doing a big reshuffle in my place next week and want to make it feel like a home too. Yay for decorating :)

  3. Nice wishlist. The colour of the mixer is gorgeous! x x

  4. Love the chair and your taste in mixers is quite impeccable, that is a beauty!!

    Kate x