Red Hot Buffet Cardiff

Thursday, 9 May 2013

On Tuesday, boyfriend and I decided to head down to the new all you can eat world buffet restaurant Red Hot Buffet that's just opened in Cardiff. Located just outside of St David's 2 it's central for shopping and with bars dotted around just a short walk away it's a great location for a filling meal. I've been to a few restaurants like these and I can honestly say I've never been to one with so much choice and that choice to be so well presented. Plus it has a sushi bar and I love sushi.

The premise is you pay a flat rate for the time and day you eat and then you can basically fill up on whatever you like and keep going back for more. From sushi and cold salads, breads and potatoes to oriental dishes, dishes that are cooked to order for you, an entire length of bar dedicated to desserts with a chocolate fountain, main meals including things such as curry, burgers, rice, cottage pie, chicken nuggets, pizzas and chips and essentially an ice cream parlour, you really do have everything under one roof. Except a good roast dinner and guacamole - they should really put those on the menu. Boyfriend spent his time there sampling as much as he could in tiny quantities and being the big foodie that he is even gave his stamp of approval on 80% of the food on offer. I digress, you can eat as much as you can handle and with cocktails at £6 and a pint of Coke at £2.80 it really doesn't break the bank.

At lunch the prices are slightly cheaper (£8.49 Mon-Fri, £9.99 on a Saturday and £12.99 on a Sunday) and for dinner are extremely cheap for all the courses and food on offer (£13.99 Mon-Thurs, £14.99 Fri-Sat and £12.99 on a Sunday). Children eat half price regardless of the day or time and while the ceiling is a little low for me not to feel slightly claustrophobic it's child friendly and spacious. I'll definitely be having lunch with my best friend there in the coming weeks after a slightly too lengthy shopping spree and no doubt we'd end up taking both the girls to sample the offerings (dessert table - watch out).

They have Red Hot Buffet's in Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds and Milton Keynes but prices may vary restaurant to restaurant. I will mention that I was asked to blog about this restaurant and our meal was complimentary but that doesn't sway my opinion. It's good food at a good price in a great location so I suggest you all go visit and take me with you because this diet is making me hungry.


  1. This sounds delicious. We have something similar here in Newcastle, I believe it's called Kingdom but I'm not 100%. I think I shall drag the beau along for a spot of food in the near future, see if it's any good :) Raspberrykiss xo

  2. Screw the diet, Laura! All You can Eat it up!!! That sounds so delicious... now just to convince them to spread their wings to Australia!

  3. I love RHBW! Must go again soon. Xx

  4. ahh! i'm so jealous! i had a few friends who went here when we lived in cardiff and i never got chance, i bloody wish i'd been now! x

  5. I was there before and it's really lovely. could barely move after though haha! x