Wednesday, 1 May 2013
My name is Laura and I am completely undecided on what I want from my life

I am in my early to mid twenties and I am half-ashamedly still figuring things out. I overanalyse everything and you can count on me to have a plan B when plan A goes out of the window. I would choose a massage over most other pleasurable things in life. I am a dog person but quite like cats. People play guessing games as to which colour hair I'll turn up with that day.

Tagged in to this post, I'm going to make it more about me and say that I am in another funk. I am creatively challenged, I am stifled and limited, I am undergoing tests left, right and centre and I feel rather drained. Important things are going awry all because of my rather terrible mood and it's bogging me down to the point where I just want to get back up again. So, it being May 1st - a new month, a fresh start and the Celtic 'New Year' I'm going to make some promises to myself. Resolutions, if you will. I pinched the idea from my wonderful friend Kirsty of Indigo Buttons but not to worry, I'm not claiming it as my own. Honesty is on my list of things to-do and about that I am resolute.

Have a huge blog overhaul.
I'm feeling like my blog is going downhill. The design feels incomplete, it looks a little messy and the photos are a mixture of iPhone and DSLR images. To celebrate a year (in June) of blogging, I'm going to have a huge overhaul where tags are correctly used, images are all good quality and the design is flawless. It may take some time to get it perfect but it will be worth it when it's done.

Exercise more.
I'm not averse to exercise. I actually love the way I feel after a good full body workout on the cross trainer but I don't have the time or money to get to a gym as regularly as I would like and so I've decided that walking is the next best thing. Walking with my condition is encouraged as it's gentle exercise that's easy on the muscles and joints but still gives results. I'm not even going to go into how difficult it is to walk a few steps when I'm having a flare up but I will commit to walking daily as long as I am well enough. Today I walked six miles and while I'm now exhausted, it was lovely being out in the sunshine and watching baby lab bounding down the field to find her fellow lab friends.

Start becoming more organised.
Even if it's doing small things such as laying an outfit out the night before so I'm not hobbling around the bedroom scouring the floordrobe for a clean pair of leggings or making a week's meal plan for dinner, I want to start on the path to forgetting Last Minute Laura for good.

Become an early riser.
I put this in yesterday's goal list but I have to put it here too. I am not a morning person and I want to become one. I have a morning ritual that must be followed or else I am usually put into a really bad mood all day that nothing can shift. Since the Spring is finally here I thought this would be the perfect time to start getting into an early morning routine so at least I'm greeted to bright mornings so once Autumn and Winter come along I'll be firmly in a routine.

I'm currently taking part in Elizabeth from Rosalilum's challenge to blog every day in May. Thankfully, there are prompts because I don't think I could find interesting things to talk about every single day and frankly, that is too much pressure. Some days there will be two posts, sometimes just the one but there will always be a post.


  1. It may be better to still be figuring things out then me, who thought I knew what I wanted to do; went to college to do it, and has now changed my mind! :/

    Ugh; I wish I had taken a little extra time to figure things out!
    I'm finally figuring out how to get myself out of it {i.e. another college degree}.

    You will figure it out!! :)

    Oh.btw. I could totally join you on those resolutions, but I won't; because I'm terrible at following through! :/

    Great Day 01 - I can't wait to read the next 30 days!

    I've posted my Day 01 as well!

    Day 01 - Five Lines

    xo, Nykki

  2. I want to blog every day in May now!!! Although May is assessment month at university so I'm not entirely sure how I would go with it :/

  3. Good luck with your goals; they look challenging, but realistic and achievable! Xo

  4. The most interesting people are the ones who don't have it all figured out. Don't worry about it all and just follow the way life leads you.
    Good luck with #BEDM and your resolutions.

  5. <3 we are going to be so bloody organised, skinny, healthy bitches come summer as we swan around Cardiff town. These goals are achievable and realistic, and I'm glad you're with me on the Celtic New Year thing :) Good luck on your resolutions pallyoh! I'm sure we'll both be grand. And we still have NaNoWriMo to look forward to!! xxx