Review: Mirenesse Glossy Lips Lipstick in 14 Perfect Kiss

Saturday, 4 May 2013

(*) Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick in shade 14 Perfect Kiss - £19.50 here

I received this lipstick in April's Birchbox that was kindly donated to the Cardiff meet's gift bags. I've never heard of Mirenesse before but I love chunky lip pencils so I thought I'd give it a whirl. The lipstick is in pencil form and can be sharpened when the product becomes too dull to work with. The colour isn't usually something I'd pick out for myself as it's a dark pink with golden shimmer and I usually dislike anything shimmery on the lips but this actually isn't too overwhelming. The photo was taken outside so it picks up the shimmer more than seeing it straight on the lips in normal settings and is something I have been reaching for over other favourites of mine.

The lasting power isn't great on the lips. I can get an hour and a half or at a push two hours from it before it wears off and I need to reapply but on the cheeks is brilliant and lasts all day. I only need a tiny amount on the cheeks because of the colour against my pale skin but darker skins could pull this off brilliantly. The product itself is so soft it's almost a joy to apply but obviously as with most soft products, it doesn't wear as well as a matte product would. It feels like a silky balm with all the colour pay off of a lipstick so if you're looking for a wash of colour, go gently as it packs a punch after the second layer.

Would I repurchase? Probably not. For me it's expensive for what it is, the colour is not a shade I'd usually pick out and the lasting power just doesn't do it for me but I will be finishing the product I have and it is a decent lipstick, just not to my taste.


  1. This looks gorgeous! :) Lovely review! X

  2. I love this shade on you, Your lips look great. Shame about the lasting power of it.