Spring Nails

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Until last year I have never been a fan of light coloured nails, always opting for the darker, slightly more goth shades in a range but now I'm obsessed. If it's pretty and pastel, I'm wearing them and while I do dig out the blood red's and deep burgundy's in my collection for A/W it's all about the light tones right now. Here a few of my favourites.

1 - NARS Thakoon in Kutki
A beautiful light sky blue, this polish has a tendency to separate in the bottle where you'll find deeper blue misting around the bottom but with a simple shake it comes back to being the perfect even colour. Two coats is all you need but I prefer a third as the first coat can go on a little streaky. The chip rate isn't fantastic for such an expensive bottle of polish but with a Seche Vite top coat you're good to go for a week.

2 - Barry M Textured Nail Paint in Ridley Road
I'm not a huge fan of the textured polishes and while they don't bother me like they bother some, the main reason is because they get very dirty very easily. I can forgive it for it's beautiful mint green colour for a few days and with a top coat it isn't so bad. Chip rate is likely to be some at the tips of the nail by the second to third day.

3 & 4 - Barry M Nail Paint in Aqua Glitter & Pink Glitter
Opaque coverage in two coats from a glitter polish (especially from the high street) is almost unheard of but this is what these give. The pink glitter is a much more champagne tone on the nails which is gorgeous if you're going for a subtle elegant look but want a little sparkle. The Aqua colour looks amazing on the ring finger accompanied by the NARS too.

MUA Lush Lilac
At £1 all the bad things I could say about this polish (chips within a day at the tips of the nails without a topcoat, need 3-4 coats to be fully opaque) disappear. The brush is a lot better compared to the square bottles in the main line for £1 and honestly, if you overlook the blatant Essie rip-off-ness (it's a word) it's rather good.

What are your favourite Spring polishes? Have you tried any of my favourites?


  1. Haha, love your new word, rip-off-ness! It is true, I don't know how they got away with having a bottle so similar! :) Really lovely Springtime shades though. My favourite shade at the moment is a mint-choc-chip pale green shade I reviewed on my blog.

    Lyndsay xx

  2. you have such a lovely blog layout! I love Barry M nail polish- they're one of my favourite! The Nars one is SUCH a pretty colour too, it reminds me of Essie mint candy apple which I wear all the time! Just followed :)