The Umbrella Collective - The Favourite Dress

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This week Amy, Alice, Rhiannon and I have decided to write a post about our favourite items of clothing. I'm doing two as I'm a cheat.

Both dresses are from Primark and can be found on eBay

Both of these dresses are loves of mine for different reasons. The white lace dress is the perfect length for me which is a rare find - just an inch above the knee and fits perfectly and it's not even in the biggest size. Usually in Primark I am the biggest size available and it's hit and miss as to whether the item will fit well (or at all) but when I picked up this beauty it was like it was meant for me. It goes so well with nude tights and tan accessories and is one of the dresses I reserve for Spring/Summer occasions but no doubt as soon as Summer is over it'll be whipped out with jersey blazers and soft insulated tights too.

The taupe-brown sheer overlay dress is one of my 'just throw it on, it looks good' dresses. Whether it's with leggings and boots, tights and heels, tights and boots, blazers or jackets it just seems to work and I love it for it. It's a little shorter so I tend to wear a black bodycon skirt underneath in case of a sneaky gust of wind or I may risk exposing far too much. Mine is a little battered now with a few snags to the back but it's perefectly wearable and something I reach for on a bad body image day, even if it does exasperate the situation by making me look a little pregnant.

I don't have any photos of me wearing these dresses because I honestly don't tend to photograph my outfits or be photographed that much so these are just stock images pulled from Google that I finally found.


  1. The white one is to die for, really lovely. I would never of thought they were from Primark x

  2. Those dresses are both lovely!! I love a lace dress, they're so pretty and girly!! xx

  3. Both beautiful! I hate that about Primark, well done you for finding such beautiful exceptions!!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  4. Both really lovely dresses :) Particularly love the white one, I need something like that for the summer.

    x x x

  5. I had that cream one in both cream and grey, I loved it so now i'm going to hunt it down on ebay!

    Amy x