Where Have I Been?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blog design for friends, presents all the way from Australia courtesy of Sunae, flowers from boyfriend as I have been unwell, Amelia on the mini carousel ride, my glow in the dark white legs before tan, my legs after tan, lazy days with my hair pinned to the top of my head & boyfriend passed his exam so brought me home a Coke with my name on it.

I usually leave these posts to the end of the week but I'm feeling like a really bad blogger as I haven't posted much or written anything of substance in a while. Life has kept on going as it always does but I've been somewhat caught beneath the landslide. I've been unwell all week with what I first thought was a cold that developed into three days of a big sickness bug and now it's tailed off to a true cold full of tissues, coughing and headaches. Boyfriend came home with flowers Wednesday morning to cheer me up a little and every time I look at them in the kitchen window they really brighten my day. I love when he does his little romantic gestures for no reason other than to make me feel better. He's not a romantic person but he is if you get what I mean? So while I'm feeling a little better I'm not on top form so what do I do? Decide to clean the house top to bottom in the hope that I can be let off for my annual 'Drink wine and sing songs I don't know' Eurovision day.

I've been getting back into blog design lately. I've designed two this week that are live on their respective blogs and I'm in the process of designing two more but my MacBook has died a decidedly inopportune death. I've had her (yes, her - her name is Matilda) for five years and although she's stained, battered and missing an 'N' key, I thought we'd be together forever. Sadly that wasn't to be as after a lot of chugging along very slowly the speakers had died and she now takes 35 minutes to load The Sims to base game. While I'll be using her for word processing she is no longer able to chug along anymore and so I've had to go out and buy an inferior laptop on Windows (the shock...the horror). I just can't afford to save any money until I have a job and I can't afford to even buy second hand so I've done a very stupid thing and bought a laptop on hire purchase knowing the extortionate interest rates. However, beggars cannot be choosers and I'll be happy when it arrives Monday that I have something to be able to write and work on.

If you've read my rambling this far, I salute you and I ask for your help. Next Wednesday I'm attending an interview for my dream job in social media and to give myself a leg up to the competition I've started my own hashtag. I'd love to ask you if you'd tweet your dream job to #laurasdreamjob so I can show the tag in the interview and prove that I can use social media to my advantage. If I can use it to my own personal advantage, I can definitely use it for a company that commands a lot of interest. It may help, it may not but if I don't do something I'll regret it on the day.

So this has been why I've been gone. Boyfriend has had the beginning of his exams and with his new job offer all of the benefits we used to receive have messed up leaving us with just half of the rent needed by the end of the month. I'm hoping and praying we can come to an agreement with our landlord that the excess is paid out of his first wage but it's all very much speculation right now as I'm trying to find the excess money quickly. It's a lot of stress but a lot of good things coupled with things that have a very good possibility of being great and I'll be back to regular blogging Monday or Tuesday (as soon as the laptop arrives and all the relevant programmes are installed). Thank you for bearing with me.


  1. I have my fingers crossed for you with your interview! How can you not get the job when your legs look so great? Good luck and fear not!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Done, and done a tweet asking others, and a fb post sharing the twitter and facebook info - Good luck :) xx

  3. I tweeted, hope you get lots more. Argh i'm having a mare of a week,hope everything just comes together and everything will be cool :) Good luck with the interview, hope all things come good for you. xxx

  4. I think creating your own hashtag is a brilliant idea, good luck with the interview! I've been ill all week too, hope you feel better soon and I hope your landlord is understanding about the rent! x x x

    Lauren x

  5. Hope the interview goes well chick, you will have to tell us all about the new job soon! Itching to know all about it! Well done on the blog designing they are looking great, might have to commission you for mine when I want a change!

  6. Ooh you have been busy haven't you? I may have to contact you about tweaking a few things on my blog once you get a computer up and running again. There are a few wee things I'm not happy with and I'm useless with html!
    I really hope that things work out for you with the job and with miraculously finding money to last you the month - I know what that's like (a whole pile of shitty stress that makes you want to go shopping, but you can't go shopping cos you have no money!) and I'm sure your landlord will be understanding! xx

  7. You blog design is so cute! Good luck with your interview, very jealous as I'm job hunting at the moment. Also loving the Tom's! Still can't decide whether or not to buy a pair, are they comfy?
    Great post :)

    Jess xx