A Change Gon' Come

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Now I'm no Sam Cooke but I know when a change is going to come. I'm not really a huge fan of big changes but I like to refresh things in my life every now and again and it seems this was long overdue. Truth be told, I've not been having a very good week. When Amelia got over the contagious phase of Chicken Pox, Layla contracted it so now I have two little girls buzzing around my feet because one can't go out and one doesn't go out without the other now in fear of there being a massive tantrum. There have been some huge changes in the last week that I'm still adapting to so I thought I'd keep you all updated on some of the big things going on here.

Layla turned five!
My big baby girl (fondly nicknamed Cupcake after she gorged herself on them the past week) turned five last Wednesday and I almost can't believe how fast and how slowly it's gone, all at the same time. It feels like yesterday I was in the delivery suite almost breaking my sister's hand shouting about how I just needed a cheeseburger and this would all go away (that's what gas and air does to me folks, makes me hungry) but at the same time I can barely remember a time where she wasn't here. We celebrated with a home made seven layer cake that turned out more 70's themed than rainbow and lots of beating her at Mario Kart to punish her for labour. Good parenting.

Boyfriend and I celebrated our four year anniversary!
Boyfriend and I have 'officially' been together for four years! While I've known him longer we didn't officially say 'Hey, we're a couple. We're doing this' for quite a while after and so on the summer solstice of 2009, a year after Layla came into this world we said 'You're crazy' in unison and plodded along. For our anniversary he bought me a vintage ring to replace my old engagement ring which is incredibly beautiful and pictured above.

It's less than a year until we get married!
Since we're getting married on our fifth anniversary next year it's now less than a year until our wedding and I feel incredibly unprepared since we haven't booked a thing. I've been keeping 'The Bible' close by for emergency note-taking.

We started decorating the house!
After all my talk of redecorating, it finally happened. We took our first steps by painting the hall and play room (our old dining room that's turned into the girls' room). We'll be working our way slowly through the house adding bits as and when I can afford to pick them up. There'll be some before and after's up soon and the progress as it goes.

I lost two inches from my stomach!
Not a big deal for some of you but it is for me. I've been trying really hard to make healthier choices and move a lot more and it paid off when I finally got back into my quite-small-for-a-size-18 jeans that I had before I was pregnant with Amelia. I knew they'd come in handy one day.

The blog has had a makeover!
Inspired by the whole host of changes going on and inspired by the colour scheme in the playroom, What Laura Did has had a makeover. Let me know what you think as I was up way past my bed time making images and hoping they looked okay once in.

I've gone back ginger!
After a dalliance with brown, a fling with ombre and a fleeting moment of passion with bleach blonde I am back to my rightful bright orange ginger colour. Although it's not my natural colour I feel best with it and think it suits me much more than my natural dirty blonde so it's back and it's here to stay although I can't say I'll never stray. I just can't stay monogamous to a hair colour for too long. Alas, it is a marriage built on love and my fleeting heart will never stray for too long.

My sternum microdermal fell out!
I've had my cleavage pierced for about six months now and two days ago it just fell out. It didn't even hurt and I only noticed accidentally about three hours after it happened. Now I have a huge scab that looks like a mole and I'm waiting to go ask advice from a friend who's a piercer if I can have it repierced, how it will heal, how long I'll have to wait etc. I'm quite upset about it really as it was one of my favourite piercings and took a lot of courage to go in and get it done in the first place. It hurt quite a lot with all of the pressure on my chest so going back for a repeat experience wasn't top of my list of things to do.

So yes, forgive the long post and forgive all of these changes. Things will settle down soon and I hope you like the layout.


  1. You know I love your new blog layout, right? I swear there is an email coming your way soon, too. I just need to figure out exactly what I want haha xx

  2. I'm loving the new hair miss.
    And wow less then a year now I bet you cant wait for the big day :)

    Leah @ peaches and smoke

  3. Hey I'm a piercer :) are you sure the whole dermal came out or just the top bit? Or was it a skin diver? (Pretty much same thing apart from it comes in one part, not two.)
    You can have it re pierced in the same place once it's healed over which is normally around 8 weeks however I have found that piercing in the same spot often makes dermals/divers sit at a bit of an angle due to the scar tissue. (Not a problem with other piercings- weird!)
    Love the new hair colour!! X

  4. Loving the hair colour, I always want mine that shade but it makes me look even more child like!


  5. Love the new hair colour and the new layout. I also love that things are going your way :) x