Keeping Those Resolutions

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Since we're halfway through the year and no, I can't believe it either, I decided I'd write about how those pesky resolutions I made way back in January. I read that most people don't keep their resolutions and that's certainly true for me. I find it very difficult to keep resolutions and promises to myself and always end up giving up. Is it because I don't think I'm worth it? I think I'm just a bit lazy when I have promises and duties to everyone else too. I always seem to come last on my list of priorities. Maybe I should at least become third after my family and work commitments? A half-year resolution has been made.

Oh boy.

Get more organised
I've kind of kept this one. I am much more organised in terms of time and I make sure all of my assignments are done, e-mails are replied to, appointments are attended on time and blog posts are scheduled days in advance most weeks. Before I was so disorganised I would be running around like a headless chicken in the minutes leading up to leaving for school but now, not so much.

Remember to be silly
I've remembered it but I haven't succeeded. While I do have my moments the first half of this year has been just as stressful as the last half of last year so I haven't really had more than a few opportunities to really let my hair down and be a bit daft as I'm constantly sorting something out. However it is an ongoing process and I have a feeling that the last half of this year will really pick up.

Better my beauty self
This I have done. I've been vigilant with my skincare routine and my skin is looking much better for it. I've bought pretty much all new make up and the things I haven't replaced I have cleaned to the best of my ability. I've also been trying out a lot more brands than I ever thought I would so this one, so far is a big success.

Remind the people I love how much I love them
Every. Single. Day.

Work hard and allow myself to play
Let's be honest, I haven't really been working hard these past six months but I will be in the latter half so yes, I shall definitely be trying to keep this this one.

Read and watch more non-fiction
While I haven't read any non-fiction apart from the news, I have been watching a lot of documentaries with boyfriend on Netflix. We've got through 80% of the ones we thought were interesting and we try to have an 'educational night' once a week.

I'm trying, I truly am.

So while I'm not quite there on every point there's still another six months to go. Positive thinking and all that!


  1. FAB post! I made some resolutions and set myself some goals too. Cannot believe how quickly the year is flying by! Well done you though. Getting organised is like an addiction for me! x

  2. I don't think I've kept to most of my resolutions so far, I can't really remember what most of them are.

  3. You're doing so well! This has inspired me to check how I'm doing on my resolutions! xx