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Friday, 7 June 2013

Wednesday evening myself and a few other bloggers were invited to a party at the Lush store in Cardiff. We were greeted with a choice of rose or fruit mocktails (laden with real fruit) which they have on hand at the various Lush spa's dotted around the UK and allowed to roam the store. The staff were as friendly and positive as ever and quick on hand to describe the products, demonstrate them on us and recommend the best product to work for us as individuals. I ended up getting a sample of the Caca Rouge red henna which will be enough to do the ends of my hair or a simple strand test to see if it'll take to the ginger I so coveted on Naomi, one of the staff there who also attended the Cardiff Bloggers meet with Lush.

Last night I learned a lot about the new campaign against drones and drone strikes with are prevalent around the world but are kept quite under wraps. The only reason I knew of drones was because of Homeland so it was intrieguing to hear they'd been spotted in Wales. I'm going to write a separate post on the drones themselves, the research, the statistics and the products Lush are selling to raise money for awareness so keep your eyes peeled for that if you're interested in bath joy with a smidgen of good cause and not so good politics.

After we'd browsed around, tried on the extraordinarily pigmented multi purpose make up (Stefanie from Cowbiscuits had bright pink hair tips for the evening) and smelled strongly of a concoction of natural wonders, we got to witness the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser being made and ended up each taking home a full sized product to try ourselves. The jury's out at the moment as I've only just started re-using it but from what I remember from a few years ago the product is very good on all skin types and worked really well for mine. No doubt there'll be a review in the near future to look out for.

As we left the manager of the shop called out behind us to the workmen outside asking if they'd like a cuppa as it was 8:30pm and they were still going. Proof that their positive and kind attitude isn't all for show.


  1. Ouh, sounds like a really lovely evening! I'm curious about the drones, and I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say about them. I'm glad LUSH is trying to raise awareness about it because it is something incredibly serious that a surprising amount of people don't know about!

  2. Sounds like such a good night. I didn't know lush we're promoting info about drones, that's great people should know more about what's going in in the world.


  3. I love Lush, you lucky thing! Looks fab! I used their Jenna a lot when I was pregnant, I got the best results by wralling it really well and leaving it on overnight. Good luck!!

    Kate x
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