Making A House A Home // The Hall

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Moroccan light shade c/o Dunelm Mill

Remember how I'm always saying I love this house, I'm staying in this house and how I want to make a house a home? Well I'm finally on it. I started with the entrance hall as before it was patchy magnolia with a few pen marks courtesy of the girls and with nothing on the walls. It just felt drab and boring to me so on a whim I walked over to the local handyman, bought a big tub of 'Manhattan Grey' paint and got to work. It effectively closes in the space a bit more than it did with the magnolia but I feel it's more put together and has a little personality now.

The Morrocan inspired light shade is from Dunelm and I adore it. It's silver with yellow beads and really makes the space feel a bit special. My eye can't help but be drawn up to it when I'm sat at the kitchen table and I only wish it came in a larger size as it would be perfect as a focal point above a dining table. In someone elses house, of course as my dining table lives in my too-small-for-it kitchen and we have spotlights in here.

The mirror was found at a local charity shop for £3 and with the help of my trusty odds and ends paint brush and a tester tub of yellow paint it was given a bit of character. It really needs another coat and a good clean of the mirror but this is Home Makeover: Reality Edition and let's be honest, I just can't be too bothered right now. The pop of yellow really brightens up the space and I'm hoping to add a runner rug in the next few weeks too.

The photo frame I bought for my poster c/o Paper Themes (I'll show you very soon) but was too big so I decided to keep the insert in and add in some of my favourite family photos. Eventually they'll all have black and white photos in but for demonstrative purposes these are just a few I've found around the house. The wicker heart battery operated LED lights were found in B&M for a mere £3.99 and in the dark they look so pretty saving me turning on the large overhead light.

So there is work to be done. I'd like to paint the big brown box white which hosts all of our electric thingamabobs (technical term right there) so it blends in a little more and a rug (yellow and white chevron runner, if anyone can find one?) The small changes that have been made though have made such a difference that nobody comes in without commenting on how great it looks.

Would you prefer to see the living room before and after or what we've done to the girls' play room so far next?


  1. It looks lovely, those wicker hearts lights are so pretty and such a bargain!
    I love nosing at home improvements so would love to see both of them :) x

  2. Love the yellow and the grey. I love how long your hall is! I wish I had a B&M here in London they have so many amazing things in there! I would love to see your living room next xx

  3. Laura, this is beautiful! I love how it's all come together! That lightshade is amazing. How good is Dunelm Mill? I've managed to get loads from there too. Love the grey, it looks surprisingly warm!


  4. It looks so nice! I wish I was allowed to paint my place. It's so bland :( xx