Parrot Mama

Sunday, 2 June 2013

This week I am becoming a parrot mama to a beautiful little Senegal named Lucy. She was originally my Nan's bird which she raised from a very young age but when she died Lucy didn't take it well. She's been raised for the last eight years by my Bampi and my Great-Grandmother and she's not allowed out of the cage since they wouldn't be able to get her back in. Lucy has since bonded very well to me and is constantly regurgitating food for me and preening herself when I'm around. She loves nothing more than arching up into the corner of the cage with her head back for a good scratch and loves to make kissing noises.

So I first broached the subject with my Bampi about six months ago after he said he just doesn't have the time or inclination for her anymore. I told him I'd happily have her at mine where she could come out of the cage in a room and she'd have me who she likes around her constantly. Boyfriend flat out said no. No way. No. No. No. I was upset but it's a family house so no way would I bring in something everyone wasn't 100% happy with.

It turns out boyfriend has been planning all along to have her so it would be a surprise when she turned up on the doorstep! It's not a surprise anymore as he told me about it but I am so excited. I'm not an experienced bird owner but I know the basics and I know her quite well so hopefully her transition will be smooth. She'll be kept in the living room with us and allowed out a few times a week to explore and spread her wings but when we're all out at work she'll be in the room alone so the dog doesn't get any pesky ideas. I'm a little worried about how the bird will integrate in as they're very territorial and protective over the person they've bonded with and a jealous bird is a bitey bird but I think with some training and a lot of time adjusting to her new surroundings, new toys and new twice the size cage she'll be just fine.

So expect photos that aren't from Google of my tiny little parrot baby.


  1. How exciting! What an unusual pet too! I saw some canaries at the pet shop reve try a d completely he'll in love with them, is love to liberate them, but I'm a bit iffy about beaks and feathers, they give me the willies a bit. Silly I know! Can't wait to hear more Laura, I'm hoping you'll win me round!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. That's amazing! I'm very happy for you :)

  3. Lucy is beautiful! That's really lovely your boyfriend was planning to get her to surprise you, congratulations on becoming a parrot mama!
    Lauren x

  4. I love all animals, I've got a cute Terrier. But she is just adorable!


  5. Aww how exciting! We always owned birds growing up, but had incredibly bad luck with them. They can be great pets though :) xx