Review // LUSH Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

LUSH Angels On Bare Skin cleanser - £6.25 from here (*)

I received this product at the Lush bloggers party last week and I've been using it twice daily since. I used this cleanser in my teens changing between this and Herbalism which work in pretty much the same way and really helped to keep my skin clear during that awkward period. I lost my love of it when I moved on to high end skin care and since I've been dipping my toe back into Lush skincare with their fresh face masks but never to the cleansers. You can imagine me clinging on to my REN and Liz Earle right now because that's what I would be doing - that is, if I didn't like this cleanser so damn much.

With ingredients including ground almonds for gentle exfoliation and lavender oil and lavender flowers for balancing the production of oil as well as the product being vegan (I'm not but you might be) and actually working it's a no brainer for me. I will definitely be popping out to buy a new tub when this one runs out. I really enjoy using it and I only need a slightly bigger than pea sized ball to do my entire rather large face which means this will last me for-absolute-ever.

After removing my make up I take a little bit on the back of my hand, mix in a small amount of warm water and gently massage it into my face. Once done I rinse with warm water, splash with cold and done. It doesn't feel as luxurious as using a hot cloth cleanser but it's completely guilt free in the price and ingredients, smells divine, wakes me up in the morning and actually does something to my skin. In less than a week my face looks brighter and feels smoother. This may be because I've been so used to the Liz Earle my skin has adapted and now this is a shock to the system but whatever it is, I'm loving it.


  1. This sounds good!! I definitely need to give Lush products more of a try.
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  2. everyone seems to have this result. it made me BREAK OUT. even when i cut back to once a day, it still kept the bumps it created sore and angry. sad face. literally.

  3. Oooh, sounds intriguing! I've never really been a lush fan, at least not for skin care, but this sounds promising. I spend far too many pennies on my skincare and would love to find a more purse friendly option like this xx

  4. I really need to start using Lush cleansing products again, nothing else has worked as well as them.