Review // Technic High Lights

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Technic High Lights - £2.60 from here (*)

You know how much I love budget beauty and dupes go hand in hand with that frugal streak in me. I've had many Benefit High Beam's both sample and full sized and I could never find something that matched up until I popped into Bodycare and picked up this little gem that Victoria had been raving about. It really is a brilliant dupe for such a beloved liquid highlighter.

First off, I hate the brush. I may have got a dud but it reminds me of the MUA £1 nail polish brushes - hard, fans out in all the wrong places and hates me. However because I'm not looking for precise application on my nails with this I usually pop some on to the back of my hand with said horrendous brush and apply to my face with my fingers. It blends out extremely well and is so flattering on pale skintones thanks to it's pink toned silver appearance. When I have a tan (ha, more like when I wear bronzer and St Moritz) I tend to lean towards Benefit's Sun Beam so I really hope that Technic come out with a Sunbeam dupe as they have with High Beam, Posie Tint and That Gal primer by Benefit. Bodycare really is a Benefit rip-off store but some of the products really do work well for a third of the price.

I paid £2 for this but it's on Amazon for £2.60 if you don't have a Bodycare local to you and you want to try it for yourself.


  1. I've not tried this, but I have tried the Chit Chat one from Poundland. It has the same useless brush :( Raspberrykiss xo

  2. I know soapy people that rave about high beam but never tried it because of the price. Might give this a go


  3. Love a bit of High Beam, I'll need to check this dupe out when I finish my bottle! Xo