The Ladyboys of Bangkok

Monday, 17 June 2013

Last Monday I was invited along to see The Ladyboys Of Bangkok's latest cabaret show Amorous Nights in a purpose built pavillion in Cardiff Bay. After frantically emailing my best friends to see if they'd join in the fun we ended up on a train at 6pm with a load of Rihanna fans to meet a stressed out Danielle who'd been attempting to drive through through the RiRi chaos in Cardiff.

Now I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy the show as much as I did. Cabaret, gorgeous costumes, music, alcohol and a great atmosphere - what's not to like, eh? Well I like my music live as a rule but I'll tell you something - the lip synching to classics such as Tina Turner, Cher, a Thai Girls Aloud and a bit of T-Spoon (you know the song I'm talking about) just really got me excited. By the second half I was singing along with a gin in my hand and not a care in the world. I was in hysterics for most of the show and even got a bit ballsy and knocked Danielle up as the Conga line passed us to which she had to end with a good old YMCA on the stage. There is nothing not to love about that.

The ladyboys were beautiful, amazing at performing and the costumes were to die for. I'd kill to look that good, as would most women so let's just say that it was rather spectacular. We all had a complete riot and were giggling all the way back to the car while trying to avoid stray gusts of wind on our dresses. My camera unfortunately doesn't pick up well without the flash and since there was no flash photography allowed I had to make do with just the one photo of the performances.

If there's a Ladyboys show near you I urge you to go for a night filled of fun and camp drama. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will no doubt be buying a ticket the next time they strut into town on their sinch inch stiletto heels.


  1. I saw these guys a few years ago when I lived in Edinburgh, they do the festival every year. It was a great night out, we had such a laugh.

  2. I've heard so many good things about the show. Your photos of the bay are amazing!!! M x

  3. Omg this looks so good! I love that tent! Looks like a blast!

  4. I saw this show last year. Such a blast!!

    Following!!! Pretty sure I met you at the Lush bloggers event too.
    Love Aimie x