Things To Do With Children #1

Sunday, 30 June 2013
In this new series I'll be showing you some of the cheap and cheerful things to do with children. My children are two and five so I need to keep them occupied and stimulated while working on a budget so where better to share what I do than here? Feel free to leave your tips or ideas for future posts in this series in the comments as I'm always looking for new things to try.

This week it's been quite a task keeping the two girls occupied as both are spotty and one is contagious with chicken pox. While thankfully it's not affecting them too much it is a cause for quarantining them from the outside world and to enjoy the sun we've been spending our days in the front garden looking for mini-beasts (insects) and in the back garden playing with chalk. I bought a box of jumbo chalks from The Works for £2.99 but you can find big and small chalks in so many places quite cheaply.

Our garden is cemented over with a small patio at the back so it can look very dull and grey during the bright summer days. I thought I'd give the girls a little project - spend an hour outside and get creative. Draw on the floor, write your name, scribble and swirl to your heart's content, write little phonetically spelled words on the slabs - just go wild. Half an hour later the garden was covered in multi coloured patterns and almost indecipherable words. We took photos of them to put in frames in their play room and when it was all done and they wanted to start over it was just a matter of hosing it all down and letting it dry overnight. The girls were amazed that they could start over the next day and so daily we've been playing hopscotch on chalkboard tiles, taking photos laying down surrounded by chalk flowers and seeing how many shapes we can make with a few sticks of chalk.

Inexpensive, educational if you fancy it or just pure fun if you don't. If anyone needs me I'll be in The Works stocking up on tubs of chalk.


  1. Great idea to do with kids, I can imagine it was the greatest thing ever for them! I loved drawing with chalk when I was a kid :D

  2. Some things never grow old, sometimes the old fashioned games are the best! Xo