Wishlist // The Weekend

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

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I'm craving soft fabrics, plimsolls and comfortable tops this week. With the weather as crazy beautiful as it is it's uncomfortable to be in too restricting clothes and I just don't have a place to wear all of my pretty dresses when I'm doing housework, walking the dog or running a few errands. These trousers are made of a a gorgeous light material that gives them a wide legged feel, the top is form fitting at the bottom and slouchy at the top and I must own about ten pairs of these trainers, both plain and in floral print. These satchels are everywhere right now and I'm going to pick one up from the local shop in town as they're a bit more oversized there but this demonstrates my love of mustard, polkadots and satchels all mushed together and I love it.

As for the products, who doesn't want a long soak in the bath with a face mask and to come out smelling divine? Nobody, that's who. Relive the Snow Fairy scent with these bath melts from Lush (throw in Rock Star or Godmother soap too, for good measure) and come out with fresh minty skin courtesy of one of my favourite face masks right now by Amie before spritzing with my favourite vanilla body mist from The Body Shop. They used to have a vanilla EDT and I was very upset when they discontinued it but this is the next best thing and I wear it almost daily so they must be doing something right with it.

What's your weekend uniform?


  1. I love the look of those trousers! :) xx

  2. I really want that face mask and those clothes look so comfy!

    Also, just letting you know I've tagged you in the'What's in my handbag' competition by moneysupermarket - You could soo do a 'What's in my new super career lady handbag'! - details, and my post, arehere - http://petitmoibigworld.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/whats-in-my-handbag.html