Monday, 24 June 2013

With our wedding date confirmed, wedding breakfast venue and photo location booked and a deposit on my dream dress down I have really started to get wedding fever. I'm starting to buy little bits every week until I have everything paid off and all the little bits bought before next May. With the wedding being in June I want to look forward to it and do little things like get my hair and nails done or get a massage - not have to worry about whether my table centrepieces will turn up on time. By doing most things myself and really getting in to the DIY spirit I won't have quite so much to worry about as it'll all be on my own head.

Right now I'm looking at save the date cards and wedding invitations. I want them all to be uniform and I have my eye on some wallet style invitations. While they're a little more expensive than your standard offerings they look much more neat and contemporary than their folding peers and since we have a small guest list the larger prices don't exceed the budget. I've found some gorgeous ones that I'm trying to talk boyfriend around with but that's a work in progress. He's quite happy to let me take the lead but with my love of muted colours and florals it can be a little overwhelming for a day that's about us both. He already lives in a "Pinteresty house" that he's growing to love (so much so he comes back with items that have my seal of approval of his own accord) so I'm sure he'll come around.

What's your choice for invitations? Do you love postcards, rounded edges, letterpress or your classic fold? I personally love custom illustrations and I am so jealous of those who have the talent to make theirs themselves (mine just look like awful scratchy stick people on cheap card). Tell me below in the comments and also if you have any ideas for me I'd love to know!


  1. So excited for you! That dress looks gorgeous.
    We did the I Spy thing at our Wedding :)
    I think invites are a personal thing, we did post cards and attached everything together with jute string & luggage tags. x

  2. I love that bouquet! I'm only 6 weeks away from our wedding and don't have everything sorted yet - eek!! My mum and I make wedding stationery if you fancy a peek - - and as we make everything from scratch, it's all completely unique and customized to your wedding! If you fancy a chat about what you want, you can email us through the website, or you could drop me an email -
    At least all my stationery is sorted!!!