Fantasy Wishlist || Elie Saab

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Every now and then there is a collection where I sit up and I take notice. Every season Elie Saab is that collection. To me, Elie Saab is the Lebanese God of evening and bridal wear, surpassing Marchesa and Vera Wang (although I love them also but not equally). Every collection is immaculate in colour, style, detail and embellishment. With luxurious fabrics, intricate beading, layers and layers of soft voluminous fabric and cuts that just show off a woman's body phenomenally and and....

His dresses have been worn by red carpet royalty and real royalty. His dresses dress slender frames and added curves exquisitely. If I had the money and I was a few sizes smaller I would wear these dresses everywhere. Nipping to Asda (yeah, I'm a down to earth millionare)? On the school run? Watching my maid wash the dishes? Dress. Dress. Dress.

So while a girl can only dream of a slim line frame to do these dresses justice and enough money to actually purchase one - even fame would do as I could borrow one in my new sample size - these photos will forever be lusted at purely online. Rest assured, if I ever become a millionaire and if I'm still a bit fat I'll still buy one as 'the' decorative accessory in my dressing room.


  1. i'm a huge Elie Saab fan. Along with Rodarte and Chanel, they are among my favourite collections every year. The last, red dress is my dream buy :)

    thank you so much for your lovely words about my blog, I'm so happy that you're enjoying it and can relate to it. It pleases me so much when someone goes into my archive!! :D so thank you so much. xx

  2. Ellie Saab is so consistent with their collections and styles they are absolutely gorgeous. Every show I want to buy at least three dresses, my dream is to buy one one day, even if I have to save up for years, same with Christian Loboutins.

  3. I love elie Saab dresses, they are ways so feminine and beautiful!