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Monday, 22 July 2013
Hello! I’m Laura, not the Laura, I’m another one. I blog over at Made!

I’m feeling pretty stoked that the lovely Laura (the Laura, not me!) has welcomed me over to her beautiful blog to come and say Hi! I am a huge fan of handmade - from fashion and style, to home and eats. For me, a little bit of handmade makes life a just peachy - I like to write about my crafty life - and share a few awesome techniques & skills along the way - on my little creative lifestyle blog, Made Peachy.

As a big time fan of Laura’s Blog, at first I wasn’t really sure what a stylish bunch of ladies like you would want to read, then it dawned on me, every girl wants needs accessories - am I right? So, let’s talk bling! Just lately I’ve been obsessing about over-sized statement rings - to the extent that I wake up in the morning, pick out one of my many colourful, super-sized cocktail rings and then compose my outfit for the day around it.

I’ve learnt two things from doing this. The first is that you can end up wearing a party frock to the supermarket, simply because you had your heart set on an all-time-fave disco glitterball ring (this garnered a heap of weird looks from the other supermarket go-ers). The second is that I need more statement accessories, that was always going to be the outcome of this line of thought, so I cut to the chase and got stuck into a spot of retail therapy over at - my go-to for all that is unique and handmade. With so many beautiful pieces of jewellery to choose from, I thought I’d share my favourite statement ring finds - I hope you like them!

1 Anchor Cameo Ring • £13.60 • ZaraTaylor (Photo: Felicia Simion Photography 2 Stag Head Ring • £14.29 • WildLifeDesignsUK 3 Coral Seed Bead & Wire Ring • £17.87 • LantanaSisters 4 Walnut Wood & Grass Ring • £25.85 • MrLentz 5 Blue Glitter Globe Ring • £15.65 • DearDelilahHandmade 6 Power Red Fused Glass Ring • £25.17 • Mariaela 7 Green Glass Recycled Ring • £14.29 • Wearabol 8 White Thread Ball Ring • £6.12 • BallClub

How about a speedy DIY?

Too impatient to wait for your new purchases to be shipped out to you? For a quick fix - and I mean a super-quick fix - whip up a fun felt ring, ready-to-wear in under five minutes!

Grab the supplies…
A hot glue gun
Flat-faced ring blanks
3D felt heart

Get your guns. No really, get your gun plugged in and heated up. When the glue is at the right temperature, apply a pea-sized blob onto the flat face of the ring blank.

Being careful not to touch the hot glue, carefully position the ring face down onto the centre back of the felt heart. Hold in position, for a few moments until the glue has set.

Tah Dah! So, quick and easy you might as well go nuts and make a whole set of ombre felt heart rings…whether you wear them on their own, in pairs or even all at once, the choice is yours!

Ready-to-use felt hearts, from 35p, in a whole rainbow of amazing colours & these silver plated flat-faced ring blanks, £1.75 per set of five, are available from funky craft store

Fancy getting your little hands on one of these pretty felt heart rings? I have four to giveaway to four lucky What Laura Did readers. How do you nab one? It’s pretty easy, swing over to Made Peachy and leave a little comment mentioning What Laura Did blog in your message, the first four readers to leave a comment will get one of these super lush rings- sweet!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick jewellery project, I’d love it if you pop over to Made Peachy some time to say hello and see what else I’m up to! And finally, (because my mum brought me up proper) thank you for having me!

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