Introducing Dexter

Friday, 19 July 2013

I'd like to introduce to you the latest (and final) addition to our house, Dexter. He's 3/4 pug with a 1/4 Jack Russell in him (his mother is a Jug - pug and Jack Russell cross), he's 9 weeks old and he finds velcro hair rollers to be the best toys.

A little history for you - I've been obsessed with pugs since I was sixteen and always dreamt of having one when I grew up and moved out. For the last four years boyfriend hasn't even entertained the thought but gave in to a labrador as a family pet because it was a 'real dog'. Fast forward two years and he finally said yes and a week later my best friend Christina and I clambered in to her little silver Corsa and set off on an adventure to West Wales. Two hours and a McDonalds milkshake later the first little puppy to run up to us was Dexter. Full of hyperactivity and kisses it was decided before the breeder even mentioned the girls were gone. We were having a boy.

After passing him around to the mechanics in the gar garage on the way home and surprising the girls with him at the end of the road, he's blended into our family wonderfully. He's starting to house train and sleeps in a crate at night so he can't chew up the house or get everywhere. Sadie and him are best friends although right now they are establishing pack order which basically means Dex is digging his teeth into her and swinging. Nobody's hurt and it's all very much play time but the first time it happened I went a bit nuts and thought with Sadie's rather large mouth around his neck he was going to die. I knew about play fighting and establishing the pack order but nothing prepared me to see my darling lab who's at least five times as big as Dex with her teeth around his neck, I can tell you!

So he's a playful little buggar with a penchant for eating my hair. He plays for around 20 minutes and falls asleep within 5 seconds just lowering his head while he's standing and....gone so a lot of the time I have to be on hand to scoop him up and pop him back in his crate. I'm unsure if he'll be crated forever as Sadie isn't now but we'll see how easily he trains and how his personality is as he gets that much older. The crate is not only a quiet place for him to sleep in peace and safety but also a well deserved break for baby lab.

A lot of people have asked why another dog and the answer is simply because I've always grown up with dogs in pairs so they have company during my parents working hours and play time at home. It also helped with their socialisation with other dogs on walks and since dogs are hugely social creatures it just made sense to me. Yes, it's twice the cost and twice the mess but it's limited to downstairs as there's a big gate on the foot of our stairs after we had the carpet replaced a few weeks ago and while it's hard when they're young when they grow together they give you the best rewards.


  1. Awww! :) My cat is called Dexter haha awesome name! x

  2. Ooo he's beautiful Laura. I'm a huge pug fan! X

    When my dog was a puppy we started him in a crate and now he uses it as comfort when he wants to sleep. He'll cry all night if he isn't in it.



  5. AW how cute, i wish we could get a puppy, my little girl would love it!

    Kerry X

  6. Oh my gosh! What an adorable little buddy. He looks so happy! I'm really trying to convince Brandon to adopt a dog this fall.