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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tango Plunge lingerie set c/o Panache Lingerie and can be found here.

I thought quite a lot before posting these photos with the bra on but I decided it's in everyone's best interests to see how the bra fits rather than taking my word for it. I don't have a fabulous body or a great rack but I am all about honesty - here is my honesty.

So this is a little bit of a departure from my previous posts, the main reason being that I'm showing a part of my body that's never normally shown. I have cleavage on show in most of my every day outfits so this shouldn't be a big issue. And yet it is. I don't have an exceptionally large chest or a very well proportioned bust. After two pregnancies and breastfeeding my chest is not what it used to be and while I am not at the point where I'm seriously considering surgery I rely on good underwear to get the desired effect from my clothes. My usual choice is a simple padded t-shirt bra with no unsightly lines and padding to bulk up what I'm lacking in volume around the sides but this bra is a whole different beast.

It's a fuchsia non-padded, underwired plunge bra with a gorgeous leaf design that translates to the matching briefs. The bra itself has quite a high rise cup but not too high that you couldn't wear it beneath most necklines which I've found to be the case with similar designs for larger busts. It's uplifting and feels supportive but this isn't a bra for impact sports like running (they do have a selection of sports bras which I've heard are excellent). The briefs have the cutest keyhole design on the back and it's extremely comfortable to wear. I've not tried washing them yet but from friends who are fans of Panache they recommend hand washing just to protect the detail although a few have been machine washed and are fine.

Panache cater for larger chested women from a D cup to a H. I'm a D cup so at the lower end of the scale and I must say that even though I can usually find my cup size in high street shops it's pretty difficult to find a 38 band size which Panache cater for. The designs are classic and youthful which is a great bonus when I find that even though larger cup sizes are coming more and more into market, it's still flooded with a lot of matronly bras. The Tango set also comes in a light pink with the choice of a plunge or balconette bra and a full brief or a thong. Also, the briefs do come in larger sizes as I was sent a 20 and they're generously comfortable, even stretching to a 22, I'd say so don't be put off if you're plus sized on the bottom as often I find I can find the perfect bra but the matching knickers don't go past a 16-18.

Is this my perfect bra? No and for only one reason - I'd like a bit of padding in the sides. This is just a personal preference due to my own insecurities and I feel that a more rounded out bust looks better under clothes but for those with an already full chest this won't be a problem. I'll be checking out the swimwear too while the weather is still warm and I'm in that almost-confident beach ideal (although I'll probably just wear it to the leisure centre with my children - glam!)


  1. It's a lovely design, shame it isn't the right fit for you but the range looks good.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

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