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Sunday, 14 July 2013

New phone, throws from Dunelm Mill, wearing two pairs of glasses so I can see in the bright moments, a Costa iced caramel latte, a new maxi dress courtesy of my best friend, a pug tshirt that I have been wearing with maxi skirts a lot, new sheets are the best sheets, Hedonist is my favourite but I do love glitter, Lucy refused to go back in her cage after a clean, chicken salad wrap and a sex on the beach cocktail for lunch, pretty flower lights and garden art

Hello, my lovelies. I hope you are well and (if you're in the UK) enjoying the extremely warm temperatures. I'm a huge fan of warm days filled with sunshine but I am not very good with heat. I am always at boiling point in the summer and at freezing point in the winter so right now I am irritable as I'm not getting very much sleep, covered in factor 50 sun cream to keep my alabaster skin from turning a fetching shade of pink and I'm bathed in sweat without a fan on me constantly (too much information?) I have, however had a very lovely week full of friends, cocktails and exciting surprises (all will be revealed next week or if you're on my Twitter it's possibly already revealed).

I've found that I've really been enjoying taking some time off to re-evaluate my life. There have been lists and lots of them from pros and cons to who I think I am and who others think I am to even writing a five year plan for myself. I'm feeling creatively inspired and ready to really put myself out there and try new things. While it's only on paper at the moment, I intend to have things sorted a little more fully on paper by the end of the year and in 2014 have these changes implemented to some degree. Most of them aren't big philosophical and introvert friendly type issues - like I said in my last post I am trying to become more of a do-er - so the written points will form a plan on how to do things which is really very exciting for me.

I'm sorry if things have been a little quiet around here these past few weeks but no doubt they'll start to pick up soon with lots of new things and old reusable and re-workable things in the pipeline.


  1. You look fabulous! Enjoy the sunshine sweetie!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Thank you! I'm slowly and steadily losing weight and feeling so much better for it, even in this heat!