Sunday Summary

Sunday, 7 July 2013

We had our back wall painted blinding white, paw paw ointment has been a god send for my lips in this heat, my shoes arrived, new chick lit, our stairs finally got re-carpeted, ice cream lions, watching Snatch perform an acoustic set in Revolution, ready for their photoshoot, Irish folk band watching from the embankment, lots of clothes to go to the charity shop, Lucy hanging out and my drunken face.

This week I've not been very well but somehow found myself to be incredibly busy and taking a lot of Instagram photos. As some of you may know we've been doing up the house and the big expense of downstairs was to replace the carpet on the stairs and landing after a lot of wear and tear, puppy house training stains and smells and fraying had made it pretty much impossible to live with. We ended up getting a very good deal and having this lovely dark grey carpet fitted which is just a dream to walk on thanks to the bouncy thick underlay. After seeing Erica's instagram of Revenge Wears Prada I ordered myself a copy and have been making my way through it after quite a long departure from my beloved chick lit.

On Friday my friend Hannah and I went out to watch a friend's band play at a club and while I promised myself I'd only go out for two drinks as I had a photo shoot the next morning I inevitably ended up (two bottles of wine and three cocktails later) stumbling home after midnight. Needless to say I don't look my best in our five generations portrait (well, I haven't seen the final images yet but I can already foresee they won't be great) and straight from there we ended up at a local festival where we listened to folk music, watched talented youngsters dance and sing, bought very expensive ice creams (£8.20 for four 99's - what?) and hoped the sun wouldn't penetrate our lashings SPF 50.

We've been having something of a heatwave in the UK for the past few days that is set to continue for two weeks so while I'm alabaster skinned and not too friendly when I'm extremely hot and bothered, I'm making the most of being inside organising the house, working on some projects and looking in to buying a cheap paddling pool while the girls are treated to ice cream on demand and fun on sun loungers in the garden after school.

With Andy Murray just winning Wimbledon and no strawberries in the house I do feel like I'm missing out but I have lots of things up my sleeve to keep my challenged and entertained. One of those things will be focusing on this blog a little more in the coming weeks, giving it some TLC and improving photography, more reviews and product features etc and the other things I do have to keep under wraps for a few weeks but to say I am excited is an understatement.


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  2. I really need to get Revenge Wears Prada!

  3. Your house is looking great chick. Glad to hear you've been getting out a d having fun even though not feeling the best!


  4. i have barely even started it. bad girl.

  5. Aww I picked up that book from telco, havent started it yet, but I loved the first so hope the second will be just as good

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