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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It's summer and I'm sure everyone is either sick of hearing about the glorious/terrible weather or too busy enjoying it to care. I fall in to the former category. I'm infatuated with summer and the way the golden light hits everything making it appear exponentially more beautiful than it truly is (much alike a good few inches of snow) but I just can't dress for fine weather. I find myself feeling too exposed and self-conscious about bearing my arms when a cardigan just will not do or I dress inappropriately and can feel the beads of sweat forming before they threaten to take a tumble straight through my just-perfected eyebrows. I am also severely lacking in summer clothes and the only maxi dresses I own are black so I thought I'd put together this little outfit for inspiration. With the weather set to last for another few weeks I'm going to hit the cheaper shops next week and attempt to find some size 9 sandals and even if I don't come home with a good lot of bang for my buck in clothes I will most certainly return home with some statement costume jewellery that can translate season to season.

So, the outfit. It's a little Carrie Bradshaw, a little on trend and a lot of rose gold. I used to think I really couldn't pull off a crop top if I tried but with this skirt pulled up to the waist and the crop top draping softly over the waist band I think even me with my tummy and a half could work it. I love a good statement necklace so I thought this would be perfect with the simple outfit and that's where the sandals, the watch and every other accessory ties in - rose gold with a splash of colour.

I've been wanting to try this NYX blush for a while now as it's a supposed dupe for NARS Orgasm which I can most definitely not afford to replace now I've hit pan big time. The MAC lipstick would bring a subtle hint of colour to the lips while letting the outfit make a statement and who can seriously go anywhere without a high factor sun cream beneath their increasingly sheerer make-up nowadays? Certainly not me. Add a spritz of Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess (you like coconut? You'll go batshit crazy for this) and three coats of Essie's Fiji et voila! My perfect outfit for shopping, drinks, lunch, a bar in the evening, the beach, the...okay, I'm daydreaming now.

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