How Green Is Your Office?

Friday, 23 August 2013
Mine? Not at all in colour but I try to be as eco friendly as I can with the things in it. Whether you have your own office, an office at home or work in an office, chances are you've thought about being a little more environmentally friendly. With more and more businesses looking to reduce their footprint on the earth with kinder to the environment alternatives from printer ink and paper to reclaimed wood office furniture it's big business to be kinder and one of the companies helping you get a head start on making a bit of a difference are The Green Office who specialise in sustainable office supplies.

With my little home office I don't tend to have a need for the furniture the company sells but I do have a need for the ink, paper, labels (God, how I love labels) and even things like their technology (I need a laminator. I would laminate everything all the time). The best thing is to make up or the delivery of these supplies in vans, for every delivery over £49.99 the company will plant a tree. Simple things but such a great idea for an environmentally friendly company that many of its competitors don't offer.

Me? I'm trying to be more eco-friendly. I recycle, I try not to waste and I re-purpose items or buy second hand where I can but in the office I am so accustomed to picking up a random pack of paper or stationary items without even giving it a second thought and I definitely feel like I should be more conscientious about the things I buy and what I do with it. With the internet right here I can find what I'm looking for with minimal effort and little expense so I really should utilise it a bit more. I think I'll start with buying a laminator and this dry erase board because as some of you may have seen on Instagram, the command central cork board is getting a little messy these days.

Are you eco-friendly? Care to share some of your tips?

Brown Paper Packaging Tied Up With String

Thursday, 22 August 2013

I send a lot of post be they official forms, letters, packages or prizes - I seem to be forevermore wrapping up a parcel of some kind and shipping it off to it's destination. I often send care packages to friends in university or friends abroad which contain home comforts such as photos, little sweets, things that have made me think of them that I've bought and popped in, favourite films etc and while it's a little twee it's always fun to receive them back and connects to me personally more than an email or Skype conversation could. For friends abroad I add in silly things like postcards along with a little message, Cadbury's (they ALWAYS want British chocolate) and products from British companies like MUA which you just can't pick up in Australia or America.

Alas, mail is slow and a lot of the time things go missing so I like to use a courier for the packages. I usually use Parcelforce as I find them to be the best I've found. Competitively priced, especially for international larger packages with great customer service and honestly, I've never lost a parcel in the three or four years I've been using them. Of course, if I can, I always try to hand deliver expensive items but that's not always possible so this is the next best thing for me.

Wrapping parcels for delivery is something I take pride in. I love using the classic brown paper with string and burlap to pretty them up and for smaller items tissue with ribbon and popped inside one of these pretty pink mailing bags. They're really durable and quite cheap for the amount you get and come in awfully handy for items that are small or difficult to parcel up.

So what about you? Do you send via courier for parcels? Do you send care packages? Let me know!


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

All top costumes of 2013 can be found here at

I'm a huge fan of Halloween and dressing up so I'm the kind of girl that starts thinking about the very end of October in August. This year we're hosting a Halloween party at home complete with Pinterest recipes and DIY decor so after all the fuss I don't know if I can bring myself to make my own costume. This is where come in. Look at those costumes. I could be a Disney villain, a living dead doll, a zombie convict and a whole host of other creepily beautiful horrors.

I'm a huge fan of zombies. I watch The Walking Dead religiously and read the graphic novel previously. I've seen pretty much every undead film ever made and I'm a horror film guru which drives boyfriend mad. Since having children Halloween has been about the American traditions of sweet treats, trick or treating and preparing some cute yet nasty bits and pieces for them to enjoy. While the tradition of Halloween has nothing at all to do with any of these things, I do really enjoy the commercialism for what it is. So we have fun. Last year boyfriend and I pulled the old switch-a-roo and went as each other to a party. This year, I need my own identity to adopt for the evening.

So what do you think? What's your favourite costume from the website or do you prefer DIY? Have you started thinking about who or what you'll be for the night? Orders over £40 receive a free wine voucher worth £40 toward orders on the Naked Wines website to help towards that party you are/should be throwing too!

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Dress Up

Monday, 12 August 2013

Short and Sweet Versus The Long View

It’s been a while since I’ve sorted my wardrobe but this week I’ve decided to have a good clear out. Replacing a few tired outfits with updated and on-trend ensembles is a great way to prepare for the summer months, but there is plenty to consider. As a huge fan of dresses these are the main staples of my wardrobe and when it comes to dresses, there's definitely no shortage of beautiful garments on the Hobbs website.

Occasion dresses are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe and at one time my wardrobe was a sea of short, cutesy dresses and super cute micro skirts. I’m now learning of a few new trends though – one of them being the glamour of a floor length frock. I always thought short, sweet numbers were dressier than longer styles – the 2013 catwalk trends have educated me otherwise. Being tall I can pull off the maxi but my wide waist often means that they don't hang well. For me the material and cut is everything so it flatters rather than clings.

Maxi dresses have undergone something of a resurrection with a range of available styles suited to a different body shapes. I was under the impression that you had to be on the tall side to pull off these styles but I’ve now learnt that killer heels paired with a maxi dress will create the illusion of a longer torso – just what I’ve always wanted to balance out the 35" inside leg!

I’ve had my eye on the Invitation Clariss Maxi Dress from Hobbs for quite some time now and after giving a large proportion of my wardrobe to charity a few months ago, I feel that I deserve a treat. This modest yet elegant number is slightly Grecian in style and the simple black hue makes it a very versatile piece. I think I’ll team it with silver sandals and a shawl for a daytime affair and strappy heels and chunky jewellery for an evening do. It could also double as a dress for corporate meetings for work with the right accessories.

I might also treat myself to some new work wear. After all, dressing to impress at work is just as important as staying on top of the fashion world in your social life and there are plenty of work dresses which have caught my eye now I’ve got room in my wardrobe for them. Look at this pink lace Maida Vale dress! Isn't it gorgeous? I know summer is coming to an end but with tights, killer heels and a blazer this could really work through A/W too!