Brown Paper Packaging Tied Up With String

Thursday, 22 August 2013

I send a lot of post be they official forms, letters, packages or prizes - I seem to be forevermore wrapping up a parcel of some kind and shipping it off to it's destination. I often send care packages to friends in university or friends abroad which contain home comforts such as photos, little sweets, things that have made me think of them that I've bought and popped in, favourite films etc and while it's a little twee it's always fun to receive them back and connects to me personally more than an email or Skype conversation could. For friends abroad I add in silly things like postcards along with a little message, Cadbury's (they ALWAYS want British chocolate) and products from British companies like MUA which you just can't pick up in Australia or America.

Alas, mail is slow and a lot of the time things go missing so I like to use a courier for the packages. I usually use Parcelforce as I find them to be the best I've found. Competitively priced, especially for international larger packages with great customer service and honestly, I've never lost a parcel in the three or four years I've been using them. Of course, if I can, I always try to hand deliver expensive items but that's not always possible so this is the next best thing for me.

Wrapping parcels for delivery is something I take pride in. I love using the classic brown paper with string and burlap to pretty them up and for smaller items tissue with ribbon and popped inside one of these pretty pink mailing bags. They're really durable and quite cheap for the amount you get and come in awfully handy for items that are small or difficult to parcel up.

So what about you? Do you send via courier for parcels? Do you send care packages? Let me know!

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