Brow Power - Urban Decay Brow Box

Friday, 18 October 2013

Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar - £17 c/o Debenhams

I have a confession to make. Two years ago I would never have filled in my brows. It wouldn't have crossed my mind, I wouldn't have picked up a brow pencil in Boots and I'd never heard of brow powder or wax. My brows are sparse from the arch outwards for no real reason and an ash blonde which doesn't work well with my pale skintone and hair colour but I just left them like that and until I started to fill in my eyebrows I didn't even think it made my face look unfinished. I've learned. Now I favour a strong defined brow that doesn't look too unnatural but that is very obviously 'done'.

I've been using brow powder for about a year now starting off with Benefit BrowZings, moving on to MUA's Brow Palette and then HD Brows but a few weeks ago I was contacted by Debenhams and asked if I'd like to review something they stock in their brow range. I was umming and ahhing over choosing a MAC pencil but through the thought of ease of use I decided to turn my eyes to the Urban Decay Brow Box and I'm so glad I did.

First of all it's a small box but quite deep so it's not the easiest for storage but it does fit into my little make up bag that pops into my handbag. The top is a mirrored and embossed pink plastic with the brand name which opens up to reveal two brow colours, a pair of mini tweezers and a little angled brush. Beneath that there's a little indentation that tells you to 'Push' and out comes a little pan of brow wax. Practical and adorable.

The tools themselves are very good. The mini tweezers are the best I've used in miniature version that really do grab every hair and the angled brush is firm yet flexible and it gives a precise finish which is great when I don't want to carry around my larger MAC 266 brush that I usually use for my eyebrows. The colours are lovely with little to no fall out and a great deep colour from one swish of the brush but I'd expect nothing less from the makers of the amazingly pigmented and beautiful quality of the Naked palettes. I use the lighter colour all over and use the darker brown to define the arch slightly favouring the dark all over at night only but if you have medium to dark hair or love a dark brow I'd say Brown Sugar will suit your needs. The wax is quite thin in consistency but does the job although I do favour using the Anastacia brow gel after using the powder, personally.

All in all, this is my new go-to and I'm carrying this around with me everywhere even though I've not yet needed to top up midday yet. It ticks all of my boxes and I'd love it even more if it came in a more flat packaging with a brow wax that slid out horizontally to take up less space. I also apologise for the photographs - I forgot to photograph it before use and it's a little mucky but I hope you'll forgive that!

Mailing List

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I write a lot of letters. I love the idea of old fashioned post through the letterbox and landing on the mat with the wonder whether the dog will chew it up before I get to it. I love the feeling of putting pen to paper, adding little things into the package or envelopesand sending them off at the post office even if it is easier to just type up an e-mail nowdays.

Sometimes I'll include photographs or extra notes and occasionally I'll add in a load of glitter if it's a birthday just to annoy them a little more upon opening and make it extra jazzy. I'll use letter writing sets with pretty paper or just plain envelopes that I pick up from the post office the morning of sending if I'm really disorganised or ones that I already have since I've bulk ordered from places like eBay and

The letters could be about anything at all but if it's for big news or asking questions I generally e-mail or phone just for ease of conversation. With everything moving s swiftly in our lives now it's very difficult to wait for appropriate responses yet sometimes I feel I need that time, maybe for nostalgia purposes and sometimes just for the element of excitement while waiting. It may be easier but receiving a letter in response is such a great feeling that I don't think I'll ever give up writing them by hand completely.

Do you still write letters?